On the Move 

LSC is moving towards having only “three business delivery centres” from 23rd July. Here is some vaguely interactive “help” in finding out where your work will be processed.

LAPG – Press Release 

We have just received the following Press Release: Monday 16 July 2007 Hudson boosts his legal aid team A boost to the Law Society’s legal aid team was announced today with the appointment of Richard Miller, currently Chief Executive of the Legal Action Practitioners Group (LAPG), to the post of Law Society Legal Aid Manager. […]

Who Are We Going To Get? 

As Brown announces his first cabinet two questions arise; firstly that in the title of this post and secondly will it make any difference to legal aid practitioners? We will have to wait and see. In the meantime I am off to discuss post Carter merger with two firms – ear to the radio at […]

Walking on Egg Shells 

This is probably of most interest to those doing social welfare law contracts (or Integrated Social Welfare Law, ISWL, as it is now to be know). Having clumsily tried to close down the Specialist Support Unit previously this time they are treading more carefully – perhaps they have enough other challenges on their plate at […]

Carry on Regardless 

The plans for the allocation of the next round of interim Police Station Duty Rotas are announced. Move along, move along, nothing to see here


I do not have time for a full length comment on yesterdays Software Vendors Conference in Birmingham. I left at half time after finding out we were no way further forward with regard to Electronic Case Management Systems. Apparently we will get a better definition of the LCS’s minimum requirements i.e. what a “file” is, […]

Two Bits of News 

Firstly more evidence that the proposed Peer Review “roll out” is happening on schedule as we have received a panicky call from a Mental Health supplier. Also the Leeds RO confirm that Bingley and Keighley, soon to be merged with Bradford in a new larger Duty boundary, also count as a “designated area” for the […]

Gazette Watch 

We mentioned the Westminster protest earlier in the week. It makes the front page. I note that the DCA call this “unprofessional and irresponsible”. Obviously instructing and then ignoring experts who conclude that these proposals carry real risk of “market failure” is entirely different. In other news I notice a report on litigation concerning a […]

Advance Warning 

The newly redesigned version of this site is nearly ready and will be unveiled shortly, perhaps this week. Once again we would encourage any firm wanting to advertise themselves (especially for agency work), via a link on the sidebar, to submit your URL to Sandra for inclusion. We are also putting on a new “suppliers […]

Breaking News 

Time constraints also impact on our ability to comment further on this this important story. This is one area where I imagine diversity considerations are however unlikely to impact upon policy.