The PDS is the Business! 

As ever the Gazette site is a day behind so if you want to see a picture of friend of this blog Rodney Warren you will have to tear open the plastic bag and go to page 3. Here he and others comment, in their usual diplomatic manner, upon the PDS Annual Report. This he […]

Twelve Good … 

There is an interesting discussion on Jury trials taking place here. Follow the comments and join in. Update If the above link does not work try

Talking Tough 

“This might sound tough, but it?s simply about applying the quality standards that are already in place. Achieving this target is clearly vital if we are to ensure the quality of the services clients receive and make best use of limited resources to fund as many acts as assistance as possible?.(Sic) Thus the LSC explain […]

Whither Cost Committees? 

A distant Cost Committee hearing (10 am on Monday morning, they don’t let up do they) meant no new post here yesterday. This was a new venue and again the differences in approach between regions are striking. I am now firmly of the opinion that CCs are not the place for Contract Compliance appeals to […]


NfP means “not for profit” and is used by the LSC to denote the voluntary sector, civil contractors involved in the CLS. The LSCs own attitude to making a profit has become apparent in recent days. Under the tailored fixed fee scheme firms have differing options when the statutory charge applies. Most significantly, if the […]


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