An Experience of Peer Review 

We reported here on, to our knowledge, the first major JR challenge to a Peer Review outcome. Karen Todner, of major London firm Kaim Todner, has kindly sent us her thoughts on this experience which she concludes as follows: “Until problems like this are resolved the LSC should look very carefully at that what they […]

Results Service 

Before I head off for a day of Carter related discussion and planning, followed by an evening Peer Review training session, news of the latest PR result to come to our attention. It is a thoroughly well deserved Category 2, Competence Plus! May we repeat our request for copies of reports for our library?

Quality Improvement Guides 

As promised to the London audience on Tuesday here is a link to our original story on the Quality Improvement Guides. Happy reading.


As I sit down, somewhat gloomily and with an air of resignation, to write the latest Peer Review appeal some better news is breaking on this front. Seemingly the first major JR challenge to a Cat 4 result has resolved by way of the LSC chucking in the towel. My correspondent describes the spoiling tactics […]

File Beauty Parades 

I return from my wanderings, and an excellent performance by these guys, to another Peer Review result. This one is a Cat 4. In case you have not got the drift of the process yet there is one quote which sums it up: “Whilst the advocates achieved some good results, this was not supported on […]

Consistently Inconsistent 

Further to this we received a fresh PR appeal yesterday. They are another firm who, with hindsight, wish they had not expressed an interest in the VHCC Panel and who now have a somewhat bigger problem to deal with. On a first glance, and without the files to hand, the first thing that strikes me […]

Reviewing the Reviewers 

The latest Peer Review result, Threshold Competence, concurred with our assessment of the sample. It does however once again confirm our concerns about the (re)emergence of inconsistency. Most telling are that certain issues recorded as “other areas of concern” are clearly more significant than issues we have previously seen recorded as “major areas of concern” […]

Results Service 

Last thing on Friday two further JRS clients reported Category 2, Competence Plus Criminal Peer Review outcomes. Well done both.

Ticking Timebomb 

You might remember my first significant Peer Review appeal “victory”. I have just seen the written response and despite achieving the desired re-grading I am still uneasy about some of their findings – anyhow time to let go now. There is one interesting and important comment which stands out to me: “The fact that this […]

Sound of Popping Corks 

Here is something slightly more upbeat. The first clients with whom we’ve been working on a Peer Review improvement project have just had a live result. And it’s (drum roll) Competence Plus – excellent! Our congratulations to them!