Look and you will Find! 

Andy Bean writes: Wasted loads of time this morning looking for the new Litigators Fee Guidance July 08 as referred to on the NEW October 08 LF1 form. When using my usual route through the LSC web site (Pay rates and Schemes – Litigators Fee Scheme), I could only find the March version, however, when […]

LATT No. 3 

Here are the previous Top Tips by way of background. So far they are all telephone related, as is this one. LSC why not purchase an automated phone answering service which cannot re-route calls but requires the caller to write down another number and then ring back. This will allow you to continue to deliver […]

LATT No 2 

This post will explain the background to this new series and the second “top tip” similarly relates to phone contact with law firms: “Solicitors why not provide your receptionist with a pad of paper and a pencil so that they can take messages from callers”.

LATT No. 1 

If you are not familiar with Viz Comic (which is understandable given that it is often childish and puerile and appeals only to big kids like me) you will have missed out their fantastic “Top Tips” section. This replicates the type of barroom wisdom often found at the bottom of tabloid letters pages. You can […]