November Costs Masterclass – still places available 

Just a quick reminder about our next Billing ‘Masterclass’ sessions – 10% discount for CLSA & LAPG members – Further discounts for multi-bookings – JRS Retainer clients qualify for half price tickets – Both are of benefit for first time billers, those with remaining doubts about the new schemes or just as a bit of […]

Unified Contract & Fixed Fee Training Sessions 

Simon is touring the nation with TMT in September: Manchester – 3 September Newcastle – 8 September Birmingham – 10 September Cardiff – 16 September Leeds – 18 September London – 23 September You can call TMT Training on: 01323-739988 – tell them I sent you . . . . _________________________________________________________________________ The positive feedback from […]


Further to this I had a sudden intuitive leap forward early this morning and think I can actually make Litigators Fee understandable. This is likely to form a significant element of the course. Next Monday and Tuesday still taking bookings. Brum and N’castle still miles away.

Litigators Fee Made Easy 

You can download en Excel based Litigators Fee Calculator here. It works. It does not however assist in understanding the actual mechanics of the scheme (in fact despite getting the right total claim it can actually lead to confusion). Having just finished the preparation of this element of my next training venture I do think […]

Away Again 

No time to post right now off to Wales. See you later. PS Cars engine warning light came on last night on the way home from the Richard Hawley gig so I might have to revise the last bit.

It Never Rains 

Regulars here will know of a strange but regular phenomenon which occurs the moment I jump on the Tour Bus. It involves a sudden influx of new, and generally deadlined, work which has to be crammed into the spaces between training events. (It is compounded today by me having another three hour in-house course shoehorned […]

To Leeds/Bradford (and not the airport) 

Well off we go then. Still nothing on the Litigators Fee mind you so that section is going to be a little bit thin! If your coming to Bradford see you there otherwise I will do a more substantive post tomorrow.

All Aboard the Tour Bus 

Checking the oil and water in the tour bus for the these dates which start in Bradford tomorrow. Writing the course it has surprised me the amount of subtle change in the Unified Contract – over and above the major areas of concern and dissension. There are certainly a number of potential trip wires for […]

Into the Bullring 

On the subject of shouting* here is another gig I have lined up in Birmingham. It concerns the very interesting issue of the “out sourcing” of legal work which may well become an important opportunity for legal aid practices in the years ahead. Come along or give me a ring if you can’t make it […]


I am preparing for the September training tour concerning the move into unified contract and graduated and standard fees. Just came across this gem: “We will ensure that there is training and guidance for regional office staff to ensure consistency of approach”. As my youngest kid would say ROFLMAO.