A Sustainable Future? LSC’s October Changes [3 CPD] 

While Mr Pottinger is at a place in the sun we are very very busy in Middlesbrough, promoting our next round of JRS CPD Training Events. Simon’s September UK Tour will cover Leeds/Bradford, Gateshead/Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and London. As this is once again such a crucial time for Legal Aid suppliers I have added […]

A Grand Day Out 

Friends of this site Afentis are “shouting” at lawyers, on this subject, next week. Rodney and I are at it too, in Birmingham.

The Road Goes Ever On 

Travel, today to Cardiff, precludes a lengthy post again today (and perhaps tomorrow). I look forward to the another perspective on Carter etc. from another part of the UK and will report back later in the week.

Short and to the Point 

Very brief post as the tour bus is revving up outside. I might see one or two regular readers over the course of the next week or so. May I also refresh that request for copies of recent Peer Review results – i think this might prove vital in the current appeal I am preparing […]

Tour Bus Serviced and Ready to Roll 

My latest training adventure begins on Wednesday next week in the esteemed company of Mr Rodney Warren. He and I have just been whinging about the difficulty of writing courses in this climate of mass consultation and uncertainty – all the more disturbing given his centrality to the “negotiations”. There are still places available and […]

Source the Course 

Sandra recently came across these people who run a massive data base of CPS courses. They are going to be on the sidebar here once the redesigned of the site is complete. In the meantime you might want to bookmark them.

Its good to share 

Sandra Ozturk writes: All the feedback comments below came from one of our regular training delegates – you know who you are – and you did make us laugh – we thought we would share this witty repartee with everyone to possibly cheer up a gloomy Monday (not sunny up North today I can tell […]

Carter Comprehensive – Update! 

Simon is teaming up with Rodney Warren and TMT again to bring you an update of last years very popular Carter Comprehensive Course. The tour dates are as follows: 9th May Newcastle 14th May Cardiff 24th May Birmingham 30th May Leeds 31 May Manchester 5th June London You can get a booking form here: Download […]

Travel Plans 

Today begins a somewhat frantic last 4 days before I head off to the land of the Giant mouse on Sunday. Training events at Newcastle and Manchester have, hopefully my last, London Cost Committee sandwiched in between. This requires somewhat convoluted travel plans involving Sandra becoming a chauffeur and me getting a late flight from […]

War of Attrition 

At one time our CDS MasterClass (Billing for Dummies) was our most popular course and which I would be guaranteed to deliver a couple of times per month. Times have now obviously changed, and this course has been replaced by