Thanks 4 Nothing 

I came across Nilüfer Yanya this very morning. Obviously she’s another 6 Music discovery – this time via their showcase of young British artists at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas (you can hear 3-hours of this from 4pm today). This is closer to the live version I first heard than the official video and […]

Don’t Panic 

We have reached the middle of March and notification of the outcome of mainstream 2018 Civil, face-to-face contract bids has yet to commence. This post is really just to confirm this situation, as we are getting an increasing number of calls from firm anxious that they have yet to receive any communication from the LAA. […]


There seems to be great new stuff coming out week after week at the moment. This is the Decemberists, continuing to evolve and turn out marvellous fresh music, the full new album drops next week. Sadly their’s is another spring tour we will miss, but remember – you don’t have to.


I have loved Tracey Thorne since coming across “A Distant Shore” in the 80s, throughout EBTG and beyond. You might perhaps remember the Xmas songs I have posted here from her fantastic seasonal album “Tinsel & Lights”. She has also worked with some of my favourites including John Grant and on this collection Corinne Bailey […]

Leave Alone the Empty Spaces 

Shed a tear that “I Am Kloot” are no more. Then raise a glass to their front man John Bramwell’s excellent new solo effort “Leave Alone the Empty Spaces”. This is a live version of the title track.

Generation L(ost) 

It is a fantastic day for new releases including Belle & Sebastian, The Manics and local Teesside favourites Cape Cub – new singles and EPs available at all the modern outlets. I am going with this however, another 6 Music find, by LA Salami.

Primavera Negra 

On Thursday we begin our second annual migración de primavera. I will be doing my JRS stuff from southern Spain for the next 3 months so don’t be put off by a continental ring tone I am working as usual and am NOT on holiday. To set the tone here is a lovely bit of […]

Nothing Has to Be True 

This is from the excellent new First Aid Kit album “Ruins”.


This weeks news was just so sad. There was a period where, by a long way, theirs were the 2 most played CD in our house, as they will be this weekend.

Peer Review Webinars 

There has been a lot of Peer Review activity recently and it is likely that you will know at least one local firm who have received an assessment. Quite why the LAA have revived, in a somewhat “cut down” version, an audit tool which they determined was only for use as a “risk management tool”, […]

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