Fuel Up 

I first posted the much missed Stornoway in 2009 and this song the following February. They are shortly to release their “Farewell Show” live album and have used this as a promo video.


I love Bon Iver in general and this in specific. 100% of streaming proceeds will be directed to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization working to protect workers and patients alike. directrelief.org While I’m not gonna tell you that everyone’s safe I will say There will be a better day

House Buying Advice Sheet 

In response to a client request, engendered by this Gazette article, we have prepared an “Advice Sheet” for conveyancing clients involved in the house buying process. It is entirely culled from Governmental sources and we claim no creative credit. It is for inclusion in client care correspondence as a result of TLS suggestions that “client […]

Return to Work Risk Assessment 

We’ve been asked by a client to provide some Return-to-Work-Risk-Assessment advice. This deliberately short 2 page guide is the result. We link to much more substantial guidance particularly from the HSE, OSHA and the WHO however the aim to assist initial thinking about this topic. Hope it helps.


I cannot avoid posting this any longer. If you have seen news footage of Spanish 8 o’clock aplausos you will have likely wondered; what is that song they are all singing? A bit like cross between a quiz show intro and a Eurovision entry the original is a 1988 song by Spanish group Dúo Dinámico. […]

Covid 19 Lockdown Update 

Firstly and most importantly we hope that you and all your people are safe and well – we are and are working to remain so. This is just a brief note to update you as to the main areas of concern we are assisting firm with at present. We have always offered a Free Telephone […]

Safe In Sound 

This is the title track from the first solo album by Orlando Weeks, the former Macabee, and is very, very good.

Red Western Sky 

As the days tend to merge right now I forgot it was Friday. Here is something new I heard this week with an excellent video to boot.

Civil Supervisors and Furlough 

This note arises from an interaction between a client and an LAA Contract Manager. The former requested their consent to the furlough their family supervisor.  The CM flatly refused. (We do not know if this is LAA policy). They asked for our view, which we are now sharing.   Under 2018 Contract Specification 2.10 you […]

Covid 19 Update 

The LAA have updated their Covid 19 guidance again today. Of note are updates to Police Station claims and evidence requirements for Domestic Abuse in family matters. Retained clients will shortly be receiving a detailed email about remote assessments. Get in touch if you require further either on the phone or in video conference.