Police Station Risk Assessment Form 

This form is being widely used by firms in West Yorkshire. We take no credit it was the work of Huddersfield Solicitor, Carl Kingsley who has kindly agreed to it being more widely circulated. Police Station Risk Assessment (COVID-19) Each firm should of course make its own risk assessments however we hope it helps.

Sun for Someone 

This is lovely. Thats it.

Lexcel During Lockdown 

Do you have a longstanding and upcoming Lexcel assessment? Essentially there are 2 options A remote assessment Asking for an extension We are advised that the former are working well are less difficult to undertake than anticipated e.g. the scanning of files and the like, and are receiving good feedback. Do talk to your assessor […]

Furloughed Duty Solicitors 

UPDATE from the LAA via Twitter: “To confirm: Duty solicitor slots remain with firms to deliver their allocations. Where solicitors are unable to meet requirement, firms should document the reasons why – we will take NO contract action. Providers can do several things to cover slots:”   You are contractually obliged to inform the LAA […]

Quick “Lockdown” Tick List 

We are still at work and able to advise on any of the following: 1          Look after yourselves, look after your staff Follow government advice We have a template “Home Working Policy” – just ask Make this your priority and be sure everyone understands how this impacts upon their work roles. 2          Look after […]

Hey Hey I 

Longstanding favourites Other Lives have a new album coming out and this is one of the 2 pre-release songs and its upbeat enough for present times.

Interim Payments of Crown Court Litigators Fees 

See Section 1.17A of this guidance. CCFG version 1.11 – June 2019 This allows for 2 types of interim payment after a NG plea at a PTPH on, essentially, indictable matters* after a 10+ day trial has commenced (might be important after this weeks developments) The value of 1 is 75% of a cracked trial […]

Compliance Matters 

The latest edition of our occasional compliance newsletter – down load here if you’ve not already got one here.

Beginnings (The First Minute of a New Day) 

I was nudged to listen to his final album “I’m New Here” last week. It’s a fantastic but very raw piece of work so when I went to search for it, I chose this, my favourite song of his, instead.

Darkest Hour of the Night 

Its Ash Wednesday next week. These guys have been churning out belters like this for over a quarter of a century all as fresh as the first time you heard them. They are a champions league live act too.