Not so SOOPER part II

Similar early morning emergency calls, two days running. Coincidence? Or is there something afoot?
Part deux involves the civil Tailored Fixed Fee scheme. See if you can guess what the LSC want to discuss this time? Click below for the answer.

Yep you were correct. And we quote:
“In accordance with Paragraph 7 c of annex A of A tailored Fixed Fee for Civil (Non Immigration) Controlled Work we can amend the TFF rate for those categories where you actual average costs in 2004/2005 are more than 20% lower than your Tailored Fixed Fee”.
What we have called the “high resolution microscope” is now clearly in operation in both schemes.
Again an essential protective measure is access to, in an easy to analyse format, all your CMRF data. We have a sister product to our CDS 6 Wizard in the form of our CMRF 6 Wizard. This too is FREE and available from the Middlesbrough office.
Keep us in touch with similar developments nationwide via the comments box. N.B. you can comment anonymously should you prefer.
A second client from the same Region has received an identical letter today. Is this a nationwide initiative?

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One comment on “Not so SOOPER part II

  • More changes to the CMRC reports which I have just recieved from the Nottingham Regional Office for a firm in Leicester. Contract Compliance section now addresses Mental Health and Immigration as seperate Categories and on average case costs there is clearly a going to be a comparison of your TFF against present average which is broken down into individual categories i.e. Family, Employment, Housing etc. Mental Health is included. Does everyone know what thier average per category is???