PoP Update

We are notified that an outstanding, certified Point of Principle concerning the operation of Civil Rule 2.15 and Criminal Rule 1.10 – “General Findings” and extrapolation – is now awaiting determination by either the Cost Appeal Committee or Contract Review Body. (We are unsure why the latter tribunal might become involved however).
It seems that we are not the only case in this bundle and others will be presented en masse. It appears to be an attempt to run to ground this highly controversial contractual provision and the associated cash recoupments.
It is an understatement to say that this is of general importance to the profession, we alone know of a number of firms awaiting this determination so as to resolve outstanding financial issues with the LSC – many of some magnitude.
If you too have an outstanding PoP, a pending CCA appeal or an unresolved “General Finding” (or even perhaps want to reopen one) please get in touch.

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