Your last resort following even a perverse Cost Committee finding is via an application for a Point of General Principle to Cost Appeal Committee. Not only do you have to identify a potential issue you have to get the Regional Cost Committee to certify it as a PoP – the Regional Director does not have this hurdle, s/he can self-certify. The certification process has proved very difficult. Cost Committees are generally reluctant. Moreover they are inconsistent. 2 of the PoPs we have had certified have previously failed on exactly the same wording in another region.
Today we celebrate a certification! Unfortunately this is only part of the way to a final determination by CAC and not the final result. It is also only regarding a fairly narrow point of Mental Health guidance. But what the heck it’s worth one of these later today. We will keep you informed of progress.
A more significant PoP regarding “General Findings”, or extrapolation as it’s more commonly referred to, is also outstanding. If you are facing, or have suffered, a post contract compliance recoupment you might want to talk to us!

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