Angry of Teesside

It probably will not feature in the great journeys of our time. Nonetheless rushing from an enforced overnight stop in Nottingham to Newcastle (with a break in the middle to change into business clothes and pick up the papers which should have been “prepared” yesterday) for a Cost Committee hearing is difficult for an aging consultant with a bad neck.
The hearing? Not a word in anger, the Committee are with us regarding enhancement on a CDS 6, properly applying the Broudie test, and we are out in less than 3 minutes. At least home is now only 50 minutes (sorry 60 minutes Mr Traffic Cop) away.
Is it time for cost penalties against the fund in these circumstances? They have nothing to risk when making woeful initial decisions of this type, which are only compounded by some other numptie trying to justify them on redetermination. And as for then so wrongly putting it to CC.
Oh come on lets be radical, not cost orders but a return to something Medieval – like the stocks! Not for the assessor, who was probably simply following orders to drive down claims for enhancement, but for the managers responsible.
One last question – would you take the tomatoes out of the tin?

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