Once upon a time in a far away place happy family lawyers angered their overlords in the LSC. “Your average costs are too high”, they said, so we must punish you and reduce your matter starts accordingly. They called this retribution AMC-SMC.
But over time this did not work and the overlords remained dissatisfied with these greedy subjects.
“We cannot allow this to continue” they said, and so they decreed that from thenceforth a new regime called TFF would be enforced. However hard and however long these lawyers toiled for their masters they would always get one set fee. And they all lived unhappily ever after.
As time passed, and the treasury remained half full, the overlord’s gaze fell upon criminal lawyers. Some of this grumpy and unpopular bunch also had average costs which were too high. And so the overlord?s sheriffs were sent around the land to deal with these miscreants. This retribution was to be called “the 10% club”.
To be continued……

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