A Good Week at the Office

Two good CCA results in this week
The first returned an 11% Cat 2 from an original CAT 3, rated at over 80%. Arguments about general findings and extrapolation will now follow. One hopes that, at the very least, simple embarrassment at having got this assessment so wildly wrong might persuade them against this course of action. (The firm have of course been working this entire year with the threat of a 6 figure recoupment hanging over their heads).
In the second we successfully reopened a case previously determined upon by CC with regard to the CLR merits grant. We won both in specific and general. The former saw the CC agree with us that the substantive merits decision had properly been made. In any event however they confirmed our general view that the LSC cannot second guess merits decisions. This raises the prospect that there are firms out there who have suffered cash extrapolation on the basis of the LSC wrongly applying their own devolved powers guidance in CCAs. We would be very keen to discuss this with anyone in this situation.

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