The Shape of Things to Come?

Continuing with the theme of the week, and breaking the run of good luck, we have had our first request to assist with a Peer Review appeal. Knowing the firm and files I am very surprised by the “below competent” outcome, but then I’m not a peer reviewer. That said I doubt there is a peer reviewer in the country who has looked at as many files from as many firms as I have over the years.
I have a strong impression that we need to run the “Are you Competent?” course some more, especially remembering that competent will not be sufficient for Preferred Supplier status. We can do this very cost effectively for groups of local firms (some have even made a profit by “promoting” the event). Anyone interested should contact Sandra.
We are also very keen to hear of firms experiences of this new assessment either directly or through the comments boxes below (you can remain anonymous). A “data base” of findings will be essential to successful appealing we suspect.

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