Grand Day Out

On Monday I took a day trip to London – not to see the sights and experience the faster lifestyle down there – but to attend a costs appeal.
Planes, trains and automobiles later I land up in the reading room at the Law Society for a sandwich and a pre hearing discussion with my client. We are both a little apprehensive. The Supreme Court Costs Office at the Royal Courts of Justice does sound a bit grand for us provincial boys and it is, on both our parts, our first foray into this type of appeal.
The main point of this post is to put other potential appellants at greater ease. Far from the anticipated venue the office is a fairly nondescript modern one just off the Strand. The panelled chambers we foresaw turn out to be fairly regular ones not unlike those in your local County Court. There is even a lights system rather than an usher to alert you to your appointment time. The only really arcane element is the form of address for a Cost Judge, namely, Master. (We made slightly nervous private jokes about David Caradine in Kung Fu or Master Jedi Yoda) .
Most importantly we had a fair and friendly hearing/discussion with a clearly very sharp Costs Judge. There was no edge to this and it was pretty informal even including a couple of fairly light moments.
We await the result and will let you know of any interesting points.

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