Odd Job Day

Today has been a real mixed bag of jobs. Looking at possible PoPs on an unsuccessful CCA appeal (yes we do have them), a client complaint going to an adjudicator and two firms experiencing financial difficulties.
Of the latter both are crime only, and hence Legal Aid only, practices. One of them is of a size which should be highly profitable and must surely be of the model the LSC have in mind for preferred suppliers. Whilst I will have some suggestions for a survival strategy one obvious conclusion is that basic rates are insufficient. An old and predictable conclusion that might be but it’s one which I can only see getting worse as charging rates continue to erode in real terms.
It is some time since I’ve had a good study of a firm’s financial performance and it reminds me of the times we’ve done more detailed and through business planning with clients. With PSS around the corner I anticipate this too will return to my working life once again.

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