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It is now official. (Well at least there’s a report in What Car?).
What we have been pointing out for years is true, fat cat lawyers earn less than car mechanics. With scary coincidence the standard out-of-London preparation rate, for mainstream CDS work, is exactly the same as the lower range of garage charges identified in the report.
I for one am disgusted that there is so little media attention given to these fat cat grease monkeys who are clearly bleeding the hard working families of the UK dry. I am so incensed I am going to contact my MP and suggest that this be subject to serious Parliamentary consideration.
My proposal will be that a Labour Peer, with no connection to the motor trade, be given 6 months of blue sky thinking time to sort it out. In particular I am sure greater efficiency, and reduced costs to the public could be achieved by detailed consideration of the following areas of financial haemorrhage;
Sucking through teeth before telling a female driver that she will require “new trumpets” fitting.
Lascivious ogling of low quality, soft porn calendars sent by spark plug manufactures.
Ridiculous and outdated line dance routines undertaken by all workshop staff prior to changing a tyre.
The deliberate changing of all seat, radio, mirror and heating settings so as to make the vehicle undrivable on return.
Cars never being ready when promised (wrong part sent from Basildon boss)

Further suggestions of other industries worthy of similar scrutiny gratefully received.

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