Having Slept on This…

To me the key paradox remains; Carter’s proposals are described as market-based reforms and yet we already have a functioning market. There are some problems with it here and there and perhaps some (minor) areas where savings could be made.
It is also, unless anyone can contradict me, the most regulated professional market in the UK. Despite this you can earn, by significant multiplication factors, far more on private client work without, SQM, GCC, Peer Review, additional accreditation, punitive cost audits, Preferred Supplier and regular night shifts.
Yet many continue to be in the CDS.
There are far too many criticisms to level at the proposals here so I’ll limit it for now. The plans are predicated on the notion of “economy of scale” and that “big is beautiful”. I would not say that this is never so however our experience tells us that on occasion it is. By contrast it seems pretty clear to me that the experienced criminal sole practitioner is often a pretty economic unit providing good value for money.
Tell me if I’m wrong.

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