Oh a bit of Politics!

A bit like the advice not to work with children and animals is that about when and where to discuss politics – in this case not in a work related blog. I could not however pass this article by especially as it refers to “lawyers”. The (offending) paragraph reads as follows:
Not surprising, then, that at a recent meeting in London of a Muslim group, the anger was visceral. This was not some radical fringe group, but the “cream of the Muslim educated elite, as assimilated as it is possible to be”, as one participant described the 100-strong audience of lawyers, accountants, teachers and the like. But “enough is enough” was the comment from the floor that attracted the applause, as did the threat that “we will react without the shackles of rationality, regardless of the consequences”.
Now I know quite a few Muslim lawyers and I find it hard to believe that any of them would “react” in such a way. Maybe someone would like to put Madeline right on the subject.

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