The PDS is the Business!

As ever the Gazette site is a day behind so if you want to see a picture of friend of this blog Rodney Warren you will have to tear open the plastic bag and go to page 3.
Here he and others comment, in their usual diplomatic manner, upon the PDS Annual Report. This he describes as having “an element of self-congratulation”. I think that is one of those expertly crafted understatements that better conveys a point than the sweary diatribes some of us engage in. He says all that needs to be said and a line by line rebuttal would be a complete waste of time.
You can sense a but coming on here though can’t you?

I cannot however resist having a scratch at one particularly irritating itch. Read this quote from the LSC’s Gaynor Ogden.
“From a standing start four years ago we have built up a successful business in which quality of service and client focus are key”.
So the PDS is a business now and not a mixed market experiment? A competitor of, and not complementary to, the local suppliers. Ok, fair enough.
Which of us, started businesses with no personal risk, investing no financial or human capital. Our banks never guaranteed four years of guilt edged finance to get us over initial start up and through periods of poor trading. During the hard times we could not rely upon monthly salary cheques, we drew what was in the bank or was left of the over-draught.
I could go on for hours but enough – Rodney was correct quiet understatement is the best approach.
As Jim Royale would say “Business, my arse”.

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