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10 months and a ton and a half entries later this blog has become a central part of JRS family life. Blogging is of course a wider phenomenon with various different varieties in existence – politics, sport, music and even sex (or so I am told).
This is I suppose a “business” blog. It was partly inspired by the political blogs I read and have contributed too, such as Harry’s Place and partly by a mate of Harry’s I met in London who runs this one for his sheet metal business.
We obviously use it to try and improve communication with clients and the profession in general. The political, and other, blogs tend to involve people with an opinion to propagate often with journalistic or writing pretensions. The good ones stand out, the less good tend to involve a “listen to me, me me” level of desperation.
That said I have to express a concern that I am heading in a similar direction over Peer Review. This site seems increasingly obsessed with the subject and every conversation I have with lawyers tends to lead in this direction. One Managing Partner I spoke to yesterday agreed that having begun using our new File Review forms has dramatically altered his perception of his firm’s work and its general quality. He also commented on how this development had nearly completely passed him by. It is an observation with which we concurs.
So at the risk of sounding completely self absorbed – listen to me – Peer Review is very, very important.

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2 comments on “150 Up

  • Inspiration is one thing, but making a decent fist of it is another entirely.
    I’d just like to congratulate you on making a damn good fist of this – albeit ten months after the event. 😉
    I trust all is well Mr. Pottinger?

  • It is nice to hear from you.