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A return to a “popular” subject as again I’m shouting at an (un)lucky bunch of lawyers this pm. Before that though I am having a long look at some of their files to give me a bit of ammo for the afternoon session.
This is becoming an increasing part of our work and so our team had a consistency day on Tuesday, rotating files and comparing views. We aren’t too far off however we notice that we have individual nuances in our approach and in the detail of some of the conclusions. As we have said before though this type of assessment is fundamentally different to all others. Although SQM issues do impact on the process and one can never quite ignore contract compliance issues, judging, and scoring files on the basis of the quality of the job done is a very different beast. It is also a skill that supervisors must develop not least properly to undertake file reveiw.
Finally check the date of the linked post above – July 2005. It has taken nearly a year for most firms to wake up to this if you haven’t yet – WAKEY WAKEY!

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