Driving Test Retakes

We have discussed this issue before.
Yesterday you should have received a letter about this. Now I’m not one to cast aspersions. I would bet good money however that it is likely that by now this correspondence is unread and filed someplace where it is never going to be. (We have just “market tested” this on two clients and that is precisely what has happened).
Cut to the chase. All criminal solicitors must register* to remain on the scheme by May Day.
If that is too techie for you find the letter and complete and send the attached form by Friday 28th April – May Day being a Monday and a bank holiday.
The nature of the reaccreditation scheme is yet to be finalised however this step is vital.
When I hit the dashboard please perform an emergency stop.
* You need to scroll down the page don’t follow the blue links in the body text.

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