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Its strap line, ” the eyes and ears of the the legal aid profession” is pretty close to the mark – though I’m biased as I do the odd 500 words a month for it.
It’s founding editor Fiona Bawdon moved on recently and her replacement Jon Robins has given it a new look and produced his first issue – a “Carter Review Special” including an interview with the man himself. I’m not going to tell how the story ends however he gets this cracking and highly illustrative quote out of Lord Coles:
“We want to pay for efficiency. Don’t expect the government to ‘subsidise’ a lawyer’s ‘life style’ choice”
Another fantastic bit of reporting comes from an exchange at the Constitutional Affairs Committee in February:
Keith Vaz MP – ‘What is the telephone number of CLS Direct?’
Crispin Passmore, CLS – ‘0845…’
Vaz – ‘Mr Harvey you are the LSC Acting Chief Executive?’
Brian Harvey – ‘I can’t remember’
Vaz – ‘If you cannot remember, how do you expect the public to know how to get access to these services’

(I might be going a bit soft but I do feel this was a tad unfair on Brian he’s hardly the receptionist is he)
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