Taxing Afternoon Ahead

I have a good old fashioned taxation hearing this afternoon. It is a CDS 7 Criminal NSF subject to four major “reasonableness” reductions. There are none of the potential, wider considerations of a CCA appeal, general findings and extrapolation and ultimately only a small amount of costs at stake.
It has trundled on for ages and seems to me, preparing for the hearing, that it should never have come to Committee. Nonetheless me and the fee earner will wander along this afternoon to expand upon the written representations. Thankfully I have other appointments in the area which will make it much less of drudge and hopefully leave me less angry than previously.
Remember our motto – Appeal, Appeal, Appeal.
Arrived at the hearing in advance so as to review a file we haven’t seen in months. Attached to this is a copy of our written reps. with some hand-written notes conceding around half of the contentious points. Needless to say we had not had these communicated to us in advance of today. It might have saved us a trip out though but.

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