Call to Arms

I don’t believe we are the only legal blog. There are blogging communities in all sort of realms, sport, music, politics and even I am told sex. In these e-villages people contact each other, swap stories and links and consequently expand.
It might be that what we, and you, are involved in too small and esoteric a sphere of operation. The CLSA message board is quite busy however and so too I understand is Crimeline’s equivalent. But a seeming lack of blogs?
It is very easy, hence I can do it, and takes as little as 5 minutes a day. At an annual cost of around ?300 quid it is a highly cost effective communication device. So here is a call for forward thinking legal aid practitioners to get bloggin’ too. We and our tame techies would be happy to advise.
We are also more than happy to link to blogs and more traditional web-sites in the side bar – just post you URL.

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