Hanging on the Telephone

Last night I had one of those after hours phone bonanzas you occasionally get in this business. This at a time when Orange reception at my home has become almost impossible.
First call was the perennial shall I/shan’t I go for an enhancement on a CDS 7 claim. The clients overriding concern was, with Preferred Supplier looming, not ending up with a taxation rating above 8%. On both cases under discussion we concluded YES, one on a limited basis and globally on the other. That said the last one I advised about, on appeal, got short shrift at Cost Committee. Given that we always provide conservative advice in such matters this is worrying. We have had much better results in the past thought. Given that the main test here is the Broudie – “out of the ordinary” one, is there not a reasonable argument that any CDS 7 meets this threshold nowadays?
Out of a clear blue sky a new Immigration CCA then showed up with the same background story and misery.
I then lost 2 calls to a regular cleint and likewise a colleague and had to use a period as Dads Taxi to try and ring them back – the latter with some fantastic gossip I won’t share with you here.
Then got some practice in for this. Tickets still available!!

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