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Nobody we know struck off this week but bad news on the front cover of the Gazette for the remaining Immigration suppliers.
We have already had a scuffle, if not a fully fledged fist fight, on this issue (it was the one when this happened). It does now look as though we will have to get the boxing gloves out again however.
Unsurprisingly I tend to agree with the Law society commentators rather than Paul Newell. The target would certainly be more “reasonable and achievable” if Paul would first sort out the ridiculous SPAN codes. It remains a complete mystery to me why these reporting codes (from a research project underway when I was at the LAB) are relied upon where there is not even an appropriate end point for a successful green form divorce – the most common controlled work outcome. They are little better with regard to immigration. For instance the fact that robustly advising an asylum seeker, in emergency circumstances, that their case does not justify representation before an adjudicator, constitutes a failure, is lunacy. This target also surely strains lawyers professional responsibilities to clients.
With all the other measures available to them, especially Peer Review, this is a crude and foolish target.
A slightly wicked thought just crossed someone’s mind i.e I wish it had been my idea. What is the success rate on LSC granted CLR applications? Is there anyone at the LSC reading this and who knows the answer? Go on blow that whistle! You know you want to.

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