Happy Birthday 

It is this firms 10th Birthday tomorrow. I had been composing a longish retrospective post but now I’ve arrived at the point I don’t really like its tone. That said I couldn’t let this anniversary go unmarked. So I have few simple thank yous instead. First, to all the JRS staff who have worked so […]

Law Report 

Have you been finding it harder to get extensions to Crown Court billing time limits recently? We have, especially retrospectively. Perhaps the reason is the case of R v Judd in the Supreme Court Costs Office. (Sorry cannot find a link on the web, we can however supply a photocopy by snail mail). This case […]

Lets Have a Heated Debate 

I tend to try and avoid politics on this blog but Gavin over here picks up on the recent “rebalancing” of the criminal justice system debate in two separate posts. As Mrs Merton might say, “lets have a heated debate”.

For the Sake of Clarity 

I’ve been told that this post is a bit obscure. To be clear we are running the Peer Review course again, by request, on Humberside and here are the details. We intend to offer a more thoroughgoing PR development service for individual firms in the very near future. If you want advanced information give us […]

LALY Winners 

News of this years winnners is just in. Congrats to all especially friend of this site Andrew Keogh.

Forthcoming Attractions 

Our friends at Independent Lawyer Magazine are organising this. I don’t think I will have time to go which is a shame because I want to. If anyone is going and wants to write a review for the site let me know.

Minority Report 

The Carter review continues to make the news and to stir opinion. I just want to make one, and I suppose predictable point here. There is a fundamental conflict between increased profitability and quality, expressly Peer Review defined quality to a “competent plus” threshold. The greater “gearing” ratios the greater the supervisory requirements especially in […]

Away Day – You’re on the Otherside of the World 

Apologies to the clients let down today because of my surprise present – a “full hospitality” day out here. Not sure it’s the best day of the event though (but don’t tell my wife that). This will probably mean radio silence on Friday too. I have a good story about Points of Principle for you […]

How Sad am I? 

I currently eagerly await the arrival of a pile of failed Peer Review files. Despite my creeping pessimism about the chances of making successful representations I am keen to get this job moving given an impending deadline, two days hols Thursday and Friday plus a busy week next week. I have seen the report but […]

Gong Show 

Brian Harvey has been awarded one of these. Via AK