Happy Birthday

It is this firms 10th Birthday tomorrow. I had been composing a longish retrospective post but now I’ve arrived at the point I don’t really like its tone. That said I couldn’t let this anniversary go unmarked. So I have few simple thank yous instead.
First, to all the JRS staff who have worked so hard and diligently over the years. The current team has been together for some time now but others have come and gone whose contribution should also be recognised. Heart felt thanks to all.
Next, to that select group of people at the LSC who have been fair, consistent and positive in their dealings with our clients and ourselves. You know who you are!
Finally to our clients. I think we have been blessed to have been able to work with such a fantastic bunch of people, some for nearly all of the duration. In that time we have fallen out with less than a handful and disliked even fewer. Many more have sadly, for a range of reasons, left the legal aid stage, the majority as a result of the never-ending change, intrinsic to the current scheme. The longevity of some of these relationships suggest that we have got something right with the services we deliver and ethos of the firm.
In July 1996 I had no real premonition as to what JRS might become, if anything the life it has developed is counter to the predictions made to the then bank manager. I therefore make no bold guesses about the next 10 years suffice it to say we wish all those we have come into contact with to date the very best for the next decade.

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3 comments on “Happy Birthday

  • Happy Birthday Simon! Strange how few people comment on here even though I personally know of many who read it. Your advise and expertise is certainly appreciated and given the amount of “new ideas” from the government and lsc I am sure your first 10 years will not be your last.Thanks for your excellent course on wednesday (peer review) I can highly recommend it to any of my colleagues, my fee earners are now miraculously dictating attendance notes and the admin staff are starting to complain! All the Best Nigel

  • Thanks Nigel
    You should do a “costs” blog of your own you know!!

  • Happy Birthday to all at JRS.