Eyes Down for a Full House

Steve is with me today and we are working on two of the four appeals currently occupying minds here in Middlesbrough,
I have, yet again, an immigration CCA containing the usual heady mix of lack of evidence of means and arguments about the time taken to prepared trial bundles. There is a further sample of asylum files, with a similarly high audit rating, in transit.
Steve has an SQM audit failure including much to be avoided Critical Quality Concerns which we are challenging. Audits of this sort are rare nowadays (as training audiences confirm) and likely to become more so under PSS. Nonetheless having such findings on your record at this time is not a good idea so yet again we are at loggerheads with the LSC over what looks like fairly sloppy auditing. (Perhaps it is just rusty auditing due to lack of practice).
So its head in files again for pretty much all this week except Thursday when we anticipate a Carter related day.

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