On the last day in July the site stats. suggest that this has been the busiest month to date, certainly with regard to “visits”. There has been pretty steady growth this year and now we have 350-400 regular visitors who check out the site once or twice a week.
The feedback we get is universally supportive (surprisingly including some voices from the other side) so frankly some constructive criticism would be nice. Certainly the incorporation of the precedent materials to the side bar was a major step forward in recent times so what else would improve the site?
For my part I have been a bit surprised by how little commenting goes on. To reiterate this can be done anonymously (just give a fake e-mail address when you post) or under a pseudonym. Am I not being controversial enough or are you all too busy?
Could we do with more guest posts? I would be happy to incorporate articles from the “readership”, especially contrary viewpoints – so there’s an invite there too.
Beyond that it seems to be steady as she goes at the moment unless, of course, you have any other ideas!

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