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Its too hot, and Andy is away so I’m handling more phone queries than before, and I’m busy, and I’m in a hurry to get to my next appointment. So I am resorting to the last refuge of a blogging scoundrel and simply re-posting other peoples stuff. (That said they did send it to me as a press release and they clearly like us to pass things on so its not that bad really is it?)
Will do two posts tomorrow by way of penance.
The Legal Aid Practitioners Group today welcomed the report from the
Joint Committee on the Draft Legal Services Bill.
Director Richard Miller said, “The Report demonstrates that the
Committee clearly shared LAPG’s concerns that the draft Bill threatens
the independence of the profession from Government and big business. The
recommendations to strengthen the independence of the Legal Services
Board should inhibit any undue influence by the Government over the
legal profession. The recommendations to limit alternative business
structures in the first instance to legal disciplinary practices reflect
Sir David Clementi’s concerns that the change was so fundamental that it
should be taken in small steps, with the lessons of each step being
learnt to avoid any irrevocable and damaging change being introduced to
the detriment of consumers and the public interest.”
He continued, “It is now vital that the Government listens to the
concerns of these respected members of both Houses, and reconsiders the
provisions to be included in the Bill when it is introduced.”

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