The LSC Making Life Unnecessarily Hard Standing Committee

Over the years we have moved from pencil, hand-written booklets through various forms of electronically produced reports to the current version of CCA documentation. As I start on my third or fourth appeal based on the latest paper work I cannot understand how they have arrived at this format unless they have spent weeks in committee constructing the most difficult and infuriating scheme possible. Have they done this just to p**s me off or am I just getting either above myself or paranoid?
For crying out loud there is not even a single sheet summarising the cases reviewed and the costs involved anymore!!!
Sandra is having an equally frustrating experience with Parcelfarce.
We are having a Friday afternoon swearathon.
The managing agents of our office block have just changed and the new ones (who charge us considerably more) no longer supply a trolly for moving storage boxes of files. Is this the third and final oath inducing incident of the afternoon?
And YES I blame the LSC for all this!!!

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