Hanging on the Telephone

With Andy on his hols it has been a bit like old times for me with regard to phone enquiries. Most of these are technical/operational and so go to the fieldworkers. I tend to get the serious problems which fortunately generates significantly less traffic. Currently, and not surprisingly, I also get quite a bit of “what does Carter mean to me?” type quizzing.
Right now I’m back in the world where the first and last hour of the day are given over to mobile. Today so far I’ve had Carter, contract reconciliation, Carter, defence costs orders, enhanced, serious offences claims, in the police stations and Carter.
(On top of that, at this place we’ve had a spam bot posting to the comments boxes which, given their content, needed removal. A time consuming and very boring process).
Given the weight of Carter queries you might like to be reminded of this and this. (Be patient with the downloads).

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