Look Sharp

Here is a letter from Richard Miller I thought best to share with you.
Dear all,
I don’t know whether any of you downloaded the electronic version of the Carter consultation paper on the day of publication. If like me you did, then the chances are that on page 29, you have the wrong table of fees for the Tailored Fixed Fee replacement scheme. If you compare it with the printed copy, or the electronic copy that is now on the website, you will see that the bottom few lines and in particular the right hand side of the table show completely different figures.
Unfortunately the version we put on our website, to which we directed people in our summary of the proposals, was from the electronic version, and therefore contained the incorrect figures. We have put the correct figures up now, but wanted to alert people who we have previously directed to the incorrect figures.
I raised this with Crispin Passmore at the LSC, and have just had an apology from him for their error, but I am not aware of the LSC having done anything to alert people to this mistake.

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