Slow Train Coming

I now have sight of the letter sent to those firms in line for a “priority” Criminal Peer Review. These firms have recently undertaken a VHCC under contract and therefore might reasonably be expected to “express interest” in membership of the new panel.
Carter is somewhat unclear about the final PR categorisation, the LSC less so. In this correspondence it talks of “when a 2 becomes the minimum requirements (sic), as the preferred supplier initiative is rolled out”.
Between now and April 07 a 3 (threshold competent) is acceptable however you will have to wait until 2 becomes the necessary score before you can appeal – or rather make “representations”.
It also confirms that there will be “2 peer reviews available in the preferred supplier scheme”. So two bites at the cherry to get to Competence Plus.
If you are in the potential priority population but have yet to receive a file request do not worry this is to be undertaken with “no significance in the order in which suppliers are selected”. Requests will be made on a “rolling basis over the coming months”.
Use this time wisely.

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