Advice for Motorists 

You work for the LSC, your partner has recently had a new car delivered and you wish to avoid the accusation of sabotaging the work of your nemesis, if so you might want to have a look here. Scroll down to number 7 and consider the third bullet point. Chivalry precludes me from telling what […]

Calculators at the Ready 

The return of Means Testing in the CDS is now within spitting distance and we can report a number of calls seeking advice in this regard. The current state of play regarding the eligibility calculator is as follows.

Armageddon Time 

The Times discusses Carter, following the publication of the LECG Report, and suggests a possible cataclysmic outcome. The advert alongside the article is purely coincidental one imagines. From our perspective, and confirming the central message of our recent Carter training session, the risks identified at paragraph 3.65 of the report chime in with our central […]