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Nice to find tinternet access at a training venue, that said it is significantly harder than working at home base – I have just lost 15 mins typing.
This is the last of the Carter Comprehensive sessions, which is a relief given the amount of work stacking up in the office. Yesterday involved an emergency appeal against a CDS 7 reduction for instance, which throws plans for the remainder of the week out of kilter. Given the promises made during this consultation I had hoped that such crazy decision making was to be a thing of the past – not so. Again, is it me, or would you have automatically thought a 4-day trial was “out of the ordinary”?
With the Carter stuff coming to a close, and in true Forth Bridge style, TMT are just about to promote my next shouting tour. It is a rework of the very popular Peer Review course, though perhaps not sufficiently new to justify a second attendance for all but the very masochistic. Dates and destinations to follow.

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  • Hi there Simon. I was at the same roadshow and for reasons that i won’t bore you with had the doubtful pleasure of being at the “civil” and “crime” events. The atmosphere between the 2 was quite markedly different, at the “civil” it was more we want to get this right and we are listening to your views – yes I know it holds about as much water as ” the cheques in the post ” and ” yes dear you look lovely in that new dress” but hey that was the tenure. With the civil meeting there was certainly far more animosity to the extent that everyone forewent coffee to “ask” more questions. Richard Collins was as ever “slick” Derek Hill far less so. I was assured it was a genuine consultation but in view of the fact that everyone who responded re the funding committee changes was against them but they went ahead anyway I have my doubts. All in all somewhat depressing!