Something for the Weekend

The end of another week; a cost appeal written, Counsel briefed on another, action taken on 2 CCA appeals, two training sessions delivered (one more to follow this p.m.), two mock Peer Review samples partly reviewed, a pyrrhic victory in an Internal Review and as ever countless miscellaneous phone enquires – including of the Carter based Samaritans type. Plus I’m having lunch with a client two days in a row which is a rare treat – not just the food, but the chance to chat in general about the state of things.
Yesterday it was with someone I’ve not seen for 3 years who has just begun to do a bit of Legal Aid work again after a similar period of absence. It’s a degree of distance which places the current regime in sharp perspective making for a degree of relief at not currently being in charge of a law firm.
Today I can guess the tone of the conversation in advance, it has been the same for nearly 10 years. We will cover the difficulty of undertaking Legal Aid work in effectively an advice desert not least the ever present problem of recruitment. I will then bring them a message about Peer Review which they will not want to hear and the attraction of private client and commercial work will seem ever rosier.
Tonight I am going to my local to watch loud, live music.

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