Back Again 

First days back, even from a long weekend break are always a pain. I have a job I desperately want to sort today, however this morning I couldn’t take my car for a service as I was unable to find part of my driving license (for courtesy car purposes). A wasted hour later that had […]


To make up for no post on Monday too here is another one today. Sandra and Joanna are taking advanced orders for Start, the debut album of slow time mondays.


Not here tomorrow as I am going here with my mates. It is a city I love and I will happily revisit all those tourist places I been to before, but others haven’t, especially here, here and probably this gem too . It was images from the diving at the 1992 Olympics which first attracted […]

Rattle & Hum 

If you’ve missed it, here is a recent letter sent to CDS suppliers. It is not that this is demonstrative of the complete administrative balls up that means testing has been, which makes me so annoyed. Neither is it the “make it up as we go along” approach which has wound me up. It is […]

An Introduction to Commenting 

During the conversation outlined here it became clear that my missus did not get how to use blog comments boxes. This set me thinking that others might be in the same situation, rather than just being shy. It is a simple process. Just click on the blue “comments” link and a new screen pops up. […]

Further Enhancement 

Andy and I had what might loosely be called a “partnership meeting” on Monday night and we talked about this place a bit. The reason for this is that traffic to the site has grown exponentially in the last few months, each setting a consecutive new record for the number of monthly visits. This month […]

In Search of Enhancement 

I am off to do the Cost Committee hearing on the first of these appeals, (the one involving two officers). I am hoping that it will be another 3 minute hearing. The firm only claimed enhancement for trial preparation and advocacy, which went to two days. It involved a detailed “no case to answer” submission […]

Football Results 

If the letters QPR put you in mind of his favourite football team you can be excused. If this is the case have a quick look here. You might however, like me, find this a little short on interpretative detail. This more so if you have a couple of asterisks against the numbers in the […]

Remember, Remember the 10th of December 

Yes its that time of year again Halloween and Bonfire night with your Christmas Party to book (if it’s not too late). All this means it will shortly be time to fill in your FR 1. Has to be in by December 10th.

The Way We Were 

I am shouting a long way from home tomorrow so the chances of a post are negligible. Given that we have done a lot about photos recently I feel compelled to draw you attention to this must read piece in Obiter. The photo it displays can be found here . And the headline is right […]