Back Again

First days back, even from a long weekend break are always a pain. I have a job I desperately want to sort today, however this morning I couldn’t take my car for a service as I was unable to find part of my driving license (for courtesy car purposes). A wasted hour later that had to be cancelled and put back to later in November.
In the office there are a number of small but urgent jobs to do, so my main task for the day, the tidying of a CCA appeal will now go over into into tomorrow.
Positively, we have a PR result in showing “threshold competent” (that ‘s 4 such categorisations in a row for CDS firms) which will be at least a bit of a relief and they now have plenty of time to get their score a grade higher.
Finally, does anyone have any experience of the subsidised training-grant scheme? If you do, would you give me a ring.
By the way Barca was as fantastic as anticipated with temperatures around 24c all weekend.

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  • We’ve had 2 trainee grants from the LSC, feel free to give me a ring on 01834 842122, if you want to have a chat.