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During the last training tour I got to cover practical preparation for the post Carter world. Reluctantly I have introduced a short “management speak” section, not least because of our agreement with the authors of this report.
One topic involves creating a career ladder for staff, cross referenced to the need to get Police Station advice in house. Although this is a criminal example the same is true in civil categories where we have witnessed the equally successful development of support staff into capable fee earners.
Today, for the first time, I am looking at the work of someone who I first met as a junior secretary eight or nine years ago. In the context of preparing for a Peer Review Training session it is some of the best recorded PACE work I have seen for a very long time. It is an example which will be used to fill out the course content from here on in.
On the same sample of files I see a letter, to the neighbour of a remanded client, concerning the welfare of his dog. Fantastic client care. And here is a picture of one of my dogs.

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