From Hell and Hull and ….

The last two legs of the Autumn tour today and tomorrow and then a little bit of a breather (although plenty of in-house courses are lined up). Been pretty good so far, though I say it myself. The general mood is, as I have reported earlier less resigned than before and a little more combative. Everyone, but the powers that be, gets the central cost paradox in expecting casework to be done to a new higher threshold whilst at the same time “efficiency savings” are the name of the policy day.
Our direct work with firms on the issue is demonstrating that you do not necessarily need dramatic change to achieve PR improvement and that some simple redirection of focus can work wonders. I will post some more thoughts on this in December.
But for now it is to fill up the boot again and off down the road – Halifax tonight though I will go out with Andy and not Paddy Kenny.

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