I anticipate there are likely to be a number of differing viewpoints regarding this story. I imagine that amongst the general public these range from supportive, angry motorists to anti-lawyer, bar-room bores. Amongst the profession views might also be polarised from envious “got his comeuppance” types lawyers on the one hand and those, including some I’ve spoken to in the locality, who are professionally highly sceptical at this point.
I tend to be with the latter. Over the years we have observed capricious hounding of successful lawyers by the police, including on one occasion a strip search, plus plenty of other stuff I would rather not go into on here. I am also minded of the story of one of the lawyers I now most respect, and met through our work. He faced action of this type, clearly designed to close his successful, client focussed firm, which finally never proceeded, however caused significant personal and professional damage in the process. (I imagine Mr Loophole is more media savvy than to let this happen to him).
By way of balance we know a couple of people who have ultimately been convicted but given the many thousands of lawyers we must have come across over the last 10 years, that is not a bad percentage.

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