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A quick batch of news items from a hotel room.
The first of these two appeals was successful with the enhancement reinstated. The second is now listed the day after what I thought would be my last Cost Committee, at the end of November. So still 3 verbal enhancement arguments to win!
Yesterday I came across only the 4th excellent PR result to date and the first in Housing. Once again clearly a result of active supervision. The crime files were not bad either. At the same time I had a call from a firm facing their second cat 4 and a potential termination notice.
Steve lives near York and is in Middlesbrough today. Andy has travelled from Halifax to be even further north and I am in London (interesting hotel concept for anyone planning an Xmas shopping trip). Mad isn’t it.
I have just rekindled my love of ironing, perversely on a “non iron” shirt using the worlds most dangerous ironing board and am again watching house auction TV before going to another hotel to shout at a bunch of solicitors.
Talking of TVs. If you are thinking of buying one soon, or frankly any other electrical appliance avoid COMET like the plague. Their after sales service is dreadful and the casual disinterest of their inappropriately named customer care staff is staggering. From now on I will even pay a bit more to support a local electrical goods supplier.

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