Peer Review – the results

Andy Bean writes:
I have now had chance to review the two latest Peer Review results and accompanying Reports. Both Reports seem to indicate the liking for detailed information sheets/booklets being issued to clients if they are uncomplicated and straight-forward.
However, it is quite clear from both Reports that when firms are dealing with youths or vulnerable clients, such information and any standard letters should always be tailored to their needs. In fact, one Peer Reviewer suggests that rather than writing a lengthy letter to a client and within that letter asking them to make an appointment, a separate letter should be issued with that simple task within it.
Another consistent issue raised across both of these Reports is the taking of instructions at the earliest opportunity, and then following that up at the earliest opportunity with the full proof of evidence being obtained and held on the file. Both Reports do seem to be sympathetic to the fact that some clients are unwilling to attend the firm

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