Robbing Hood

The response does however confirm that they should, in crime at least, provide a “positive balance of 7.5%”.
This is a quote from this post below.
Today we had a rare visitor to the pulsing heart of the JRS Empire – Queensway House. She was a somewhat perplexed visitor having just been told by her Account Manager that her Criminal SMP needs reducing by around 40% for the rest of the year. Having made an attempt to understand this claim she was seeking an impartial eye on the situation.
We have just run the numbers on a worst case scenario basis i.e. we have anticipated likely claims at end March 07 on the basis of the lowest likely average billing for the remaining 5 months. If they achieve this, and there is no reason to suppose that they will not, they will be left with with a “positive balance” of 1%. This if the SMP remains the same.
If the SMP is reduced in line with the Account Managers proposals this will generate a “positive balance” of 10% – but in favour of the LSC – 17.5% worse than the “CDS GCC Monthly Payment Rules 2002” provide for.
Remember “we are in this together”!

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