The Way Ahead?

Here it is – Legal Aid Reform: the Way Ahead. Just published, off to read it, more thoughts later!!
October Revolution

I have scan read the document which is frankly disappointing. Whilst not “full speed ahead” the only significant concessions are on the implementation timetable or by making earlier proposals subject to a bit more “consultation”. The overall “market based” approach is endorsed with Peer Review as the central quality determinant (although imposition of “competence plus” as the required threshold has been put back, especially in line with Preferred Supplier). Perhaps the best exemplar of this is Annex C which indicates which bits of Carter are “Accepted” or “Not Accepted”. Out of 55 recommendations only 2 are in the latter category.
The two key ideological elements remain Output rather than Input funding (fixed and graduated fees) and Best Value Tendering. The first date for the latter, in crime, is set for October 2008 with the earliest proposed activity – new mags. standard fee proposals – is due for publication next month. It is on the move then.
There is a further brief summary here.
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